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What is CTECC?

The Career and Technical Education Curriculum Consortium (CTECC) is a web-based curriculum program initiated in 1998 by the Association of Career and Technical Education Administrators (ACTEA). CTECC has recently transitioned to Atlas Curriculum Mapping Software System. This web-based software allows similar program educators, such as automotive technology teachers, to establish learning communities and share best practices. Curriculum mapping allows teachers to identify gaps, redundancies and misalignments in the curriculum. This approach fosters dialogue among teachers that leads to increased measurable results in student achievement. An online tutorial option with an overview of the site and its functions is available and useful for local staff development.

Applications of CTECC

  • Developing a program of study
  • Preparing an outline of program content
  • Generating an annual teaching calendar
  • Orienting new teachers
  • Obtaining SED program certification
  • Sharing of locally developed materials

Instructions for CTECC Access
Welcome to the ACTEA curriculum system delivered via Atlas. It allows you to view the ACTEA CTE programs and communicate with instructors across New York. Follow these steps to get started:

  1. Click on this link: ENTER CTECC.
  2. Select your school, district or BOCES from the list.
  3. Pick your name and enter your password.
  4. Once completed, go to Communities, scroll down and enter the ACTEA – PLC. Use these menus to access the items of interest to you.
    • Search to locate specific topics or skills in the ACTEA curriculum by keyword.
    • Forums are the place to get in touch with colleagues around the state, be sure to start your profile and post or respond to questions!
    • Analyze to create advanced reports and compare curriculum from multiple programs side by side.

For further information or to subscribe, contact Rubicon/Atlas at 1-800-845-3600 or Cathy Chamberlin at 716-628-0618 (cell) or email.